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  • Spitzkoppe Rest Camp
  • NaDEET, Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust
  • Farm Windhoek
  • or at our SunWorkshop in Windhoek
  • The SunWorkshop is open for business!

    Come pay us a visit at the Village Complex, Liliencron street. We have SunCycles for rent, for sale, or we can convert your existing bicycle into an electric solar machine.

    And if for any reason we're not there, give us a ring on 081 5766721, or drop us a line at info@suncycles-namibia.org

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    The SunCycle Story

    Some things you should know about us

    The SunCycle

    The SunCycle is an electric bicycle made up of three crucial elements:

    • A bicycle frame
    • an electric motor, and a
    • battery.

    What further sets the SunCycle apart is the fact that it is completely solar powered, and running on renewable energy. The SunCycle is the most efficient, affordable and sustainable way of moving: Woohoo!

    Solar-powered recharge

    The SunCycle battery can be recharged, for free, at any one of our solar stations. We designed the SunCycle in such a way that we can quickly exchange your battery, so that you can keep on cycling to your heart’s content. The charging stations also offer additional services such as mobile phone recharge, using the most sustainable energy source: the sun.

    SunCycle workshops

    Want to learn how to design, build and maintain your own SunCycle? Join one of our SunWorkshops! We’ll show you everything you need to know about keeping your SunCycle fit, how to make the most out of solar recharge, plus a few dandy extras.

    For everyone

    When we started work on the SunCycle design, our goal was to develop an affordable electric bicycle, so that everyone can join us to cycle (faster) towards a more sustainable future. This is still our main concern and we work hard to keep the SunCycle the most obvious option when making transport choices. And just so you know, the SunCycle is still way cheaper than the taxi!

    Simple Technology

    We designed the SunCycle in the most uncomplicated manner, using the simplest technology possible, meaning that service and maintenance can be done by the customer himself. We strongly believe in the Do-It-Yourself mentality, helping the SunCyclist to better understand his/her product and save on expenses.

    Our Vision

    Because we believe that we are borrowing the planet from our children, we want to play our part in shaping a sustainable future and creating a society worth living in by minimising the use of non-renewable natural resources. Namibia – with its super sunny conditions – has the possibility of becoming the first carbon-neutral country in the world, independent from fuel, coal and electricity imports.

    The SunCycle dream is to:

  • Offer a more sustainable, affordable, and environmentally friendly form of energy and mobility
  • Make solar-powered electric mobility accessible to Namibians
  • Transfer knowledge, skills and know-how regarding electric mobility
  • Create employment and equal opportunities
  • For more info, download our flyer or our posters

    The SunCycles Idea

    Check out the SunCycle in motion

    Happy SunCyclists

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    "You have no idea how magical a bicycle ride can be, until you've ridden a SunCycle!"


    "Perfect to commute to work"


    "No mountain is too steep"


    "I need one"


    Our Partners

    Bicycle Empowerment Network Namibia

    BEN Namibia aims to empower disadvantaged Namibians through provision of sustainable transport and bicycle-related income generation opportunities.

    The Physically Active Youth Program

    The Physically Active Youth (P.A.Y.) programme is a community-based project that focuses on the healthy development of young people in low-income communities. P.A.Y. programme provides a safe and constructive platform for a supervised after-school environment for youth. Using a holistic approach, the program addresses the physical health, academic status and personal development


    Registered in Namibia as a non-profit trust, NaDEET is a vibrant environmental education organisation. At the core of NaDEET’s programmes is our environmental education centre located on the NamibRand Nature Reserve. Children and adult participants learn first-hand about sustainable living, biodiversity and the balance between humans and the environment. Our environmental literacy and outreach programmes complement the Centre’s activities and expand its reach nationwide. Since 2014, NaDEET has a small head office in Swakopmund.

    European Institute for Sustainable Transport

    EURIST is a non-governmental organisation promoting policies that improve the environmental, social and economic sustainability of transport and mobility around the world. Our work focuses on the relation between transport and CO2 emission reduction, transport and the Millennium Development Goals, Poverty Alleviation, Environmental Protection, Road Safety and Freight.

    Wolfsburg AG, InnovationsCampus

    Humanitarian Logistics Organisation

    We are a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) aiming to support the humanitarian community by improving and optimizing supply chain and logistics for humanitarian organizations. By specializing in logistics, we are able to generate cost and service benefits for our partners. Our target is to create a higher level of transparency, improve the knowledge transfer, and generate cost reduction through the pooling of shipments for our humanitarian partners and the resulting scale effects.

    University Amsterdam

    Fachbereich Marketing, TU-Berlin

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