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An electric bike is made up of three crucial components:

  • a normal bicycle
  • a battery
  • an electric motor

As the heart of the SunCycle, the Li-Ion battery is the most crucial component for a successful operating system. It stores the energy of the sun (or mains electricity) and feeds it to the motor when needed. Depending on your bicycle’s design, the battery can be positioned either on the bottom frame, or underneath the rack.

Driven by an electric hub motor, our DIY e-bikes provide enough torque for smooth, strain-free movement – also over Namibia’s rugged terrain.

A display shows all-important riding parameters, like battery status and driving speed. It gives the possibility to adjust the e-bike’s performance to the driver’s needs, including pace and motor power.

SunCycles Namibia is the first to make the electric bicycle technology available to Namibians. With our DIY conversion kit, almost every bicycle can be retrofitted as an e-bike, starting from only N$ 11 500 (excl. VAT).

Technical specifications

Kalahar-e-BushBike® – Made in Namibia

Our Kalahar-e-BushBike® is an electric bike, specially designed and made in Namibia. With its puncture-proof tyres and sturdy frame, it is made to provide mobility solutions for Namibia’s tough conditions. It can be used to commute to work, or as a taxi, delivery service or pick-up truck replacement.

The noise-free motor also makes it perfect for security guards and anti poaching patrol units.

Technical specifications

  • 20 x 2,75 enduro puncture proof moped tyres
  • double crown fork
  • two speed internal automatic speed hub
  • 250 Watt geared hub motor
  • 36 V 10Ah li-ion rack battery
  • max speed: 30km/h
  • display
  • kick-stand
  • rack carrying capacity: 100 kg


From sandy dunes to rocky outcrops, dry river beds and secluded animal tracks, the Fatbike conversion will take its rider where no quad or car will ever be able to set tyre. Fitted with a stronger motor to support the broad tyres, it creates an ecofriendly alternative for discovering Namibia’s diverse landscapes.

Technical Specifications

  • 500 Watt geared hub motor
  • 48V 14Ah Li-Ion battery
  • up to 40 km per charge
  • max speed: 35 km/h

Foldable Fatbike

Always wanted to explore the bush by bike, by never have space in the car to take one along? Our Foldable Fatbike is not only designed to fit compact spaces, but is also easy to carry around, and comes with extra broad tyres to move effortlessly on the beach and through sandy surroundings. It’s fitted with a less powerful motor, making it ideal for kids and those who need minimal additional support.

Technical Specifications

  • 200 Watt geared hub motor
  • 24V 8,8Ah Li-Ion battery
  • up to 25 km per charge
  • max speed: 25 km/h


Built to provide maximum mobility for sports fanatics and nature-loving cyclists, our retrofitted MTB features a high quality Li-Ion battery and strong motor. The system supplies ample energy for climbing hills and supports fast and agile movement over Namibia’s rugged terrain. Bushwhacking at its best.

Technical Specifications

  • 250 Watt geared hub motor
  • 36V 10Ah Li-Ion battery
  • up to 40 km per charge
  • max speed: 30 km/h

City Cruiser

Our preferred city conversion is designed with a step-through frame for smooth access, and hosts a broad seat, ergonomically-designed handlebars, and robust pedals for extra comfort. With an aluminium frame, it is light and easy to use, and is rust free. Rounded off with advanced roller brakes for increased safety, the Cruiser is the preferred choice for commuting within the urban environment.

Technical Specifications

  • 250 Watt geared hub motor
  • 36V 10Ah Li-Ion battery
  • up to 40 km per charge
  • max speed: 30 km/h

SunBox: the all in one solar solution

The SunBox provides an easy, cost efficient and eco-friendly way to supply electricity and mobility. It is equipped with solar panels and a ebike workshop. This enables you to produce, use and sell electricity and mobililty without any connection to the electric supply network, making you flexible and independent.

Our first SunBox is now operational and we offer

Carbon-neutral E-bike Deliveries and the City's First E-bike Rental!

More information here.