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Outapi – the first e-mobility hub in Africa

Through the power of conjoined forces, the bicycle community in Namibia is turning Outapi into the next bicycle Mecca. A rural town of around 6 500 inhabitants in northern Namibia, here, through alternative mobility approaches and solutions, different projects work together to inspire a bicycle-friendly culture.

Much of the success of these projects depends on a very motivated lady named Hilya Ekandjo, the owner of two local BEN-N bicycle shops. Apart from her daily duties as shop manager, Hilya also supports teachers from the DAPP Training Centre with e-bike maintenance and free recharge facilities; is coordinator of a children’s BMX project; manager of an e-bike ambulance fleet; and soon to be in charge of Africa’s first e-taxi.

With the implementation of modified Kalahar-e-Farmbikes, Outapi will be the first town in Namibia to host e-taxis to transport people and goods around the area.

Stay in touch with local developments by following Hilya’s Okathitu Bicycle Shop on facebook.


With a global move towards sustainable environmental management and alternative nature-based activities, Namibia’s tourism sector is strongly embracing ecotourism. The sensitive environment with its abundance of unique of attractions needs special care. Quad bikes and cars are known to cause major damage to the natural environment, and beside the noise, emission of poisonous exhaust fumes and high accident rate, their tracks ruin the landscape and so the touristic value.

Electric fatbikes creates less surface pressure than walking, is quiet, and with the addition of photovoltaic recharge, promote sustainability, environmental awareness and cutting edge technology.

Besides the environmental advantages, e-fatbike tours provides for a special nature experience, as it can be used to explore existing animal tracks and does not disturb the wildlife.

It is the ideal solution to carbon free mobility and promise to be the highlight of every nature experience.

SunCycles is the proud supporters of fatbikes to Wilderness Safaris’ Kulala Desert Lodge and Gondwana Kalahari Anib Lodge.

We also provide rentable e-bikes to bicycle safari operators such as Namibia Individual Travel.

If you’re a tour company or lodge operator interested in offering eco-friendly tours throughout Namibia, please feel free to get in touch.

Anti-poaching and security

Security is an unfortunate add-on to our modern society, and means of keeping safe come in many a form. The introduction of electric bikes brought a silent solution to the act of patrolling neighbourhoods, farms and protected areas. It an ideal companion for anti-poaching units and security personnel. The electric kit ensures for a fast reaction, and the addition of solar recharge facilities supports a sustainable and cost-effective means of patrolling high-risk areas.

Some of our e-security users include the Nyime Anti-Poaching Unit, and community police officers in Windhoek.

What our users say

The specific mid mounted battery system provides for a well-balanced mountain bike setup that continually performs well. The solar system for charging the cycles provide additional benefits to us, including charging other equipment, providing lighting in camp, and is mobile enough for easy re-deployment. Given that the cycles remain basic enough for APU troops to use, has puncture-proof tyres, and a good training session included, we are very happy to recommend this system for anti-poaching patrol functions in rocky terrains. Your SunCycles make a huge difference in our operations and provide us with sustainable mobility and faster reaction, while remaining cost effective. — Uys Prinsloo, Nyime APU

Environment & Education

Environmental education is the key to the future state of our planet, and we believe that by educating the youth in sustainable mobility we could play a part in shaping a better world.

Our SunCycles are currenly used as a means of transport and to create a generation of sustainable-thinkers at NaDEET centres in the Namib Desert and at Swakopmund.

Apart from our work at schools and environmental centres, we educate the youth by empowering their teachers with e-mobility. Supported by the FNB Foundation, and in partnership with BEN-N, the DAPP Training Centre near Outapi is home to the first group of teacher trainees who visit their kindergartens, students, and communities by e-bike.

What our users say

The SunCycle concept is a great mix between affordable transportation, usability, and convenience. It could be the sustainable non air-polluting solution to the scooter used so extensively as a mode of transport. Fast developing Namibia should embrace these ideas and bypass the smog problems of big cities elsewhere in developing countries. For a sustainable future initiatives like these are the driving factors of change in Namibia. — Andreas Keding, NaDEET

The use of solar e-bikes can greatly improve access to health and social services over Namibia’s vast distances. — Bernadette Cloete, DAPP

The Fair Food Bike

Our latest social project is a partnership between Windhoek and Berlin, and brings together the combined vision to create a more sustainable answer to local street cuisine.

The Fair Food Bike is a creative food project, which through its Internship Project supports young entrepreneurs with skills, expertise and practical experience to create a multiply effect in their communities.

The kern of the project is a bicycle kiosk that sells local organic produce as a healthier, more affordable alternative to other street foods. Powered by an electric motor, it presents a sustainable business model on two wheels, where food is fun, inspirational and able to provide for a better living.

Find more information about this project here.

Rural health services

In collaboration with BEN-N, SunCycles is providing rural health workers with a more efficient means of transporting patients to local clinics, via the e-ambulance. A trailer with stretcher is hooked onto a customised Kalahar-e-Farmbike, and with the help of an electric motor, the patient is able to reach healthcare facilities in half the time normally required.

Outapi's e-bike ambulance fleet is in full swing as Okathithu Bike Shop now offers an alternative transport solution to health facilities in the area. With technical support from Bicycles for Humanity volunteer, Marty, the ambulance trailers are equipped with safety lights and seatbelts - ready to hit the streets of Outapi and surrounds. more infos here

E-Taxi Uganda

After a busy week of assembling we are proud to launch the e-bike project in Bukaya. Together with our local partner FABIO and Eurist from Germany we introduce e-mobility to Uganda. We equipped 3 bicycles with electric motors and batteries that can be charged by solar panels.

The e-bikes are a real alternative to petrol powered motorcycles and are emission free.

Other Projects & Awards

In 2015, SunCycles Namibia was awarded second place in the Namibia Business Innovation Institute (NBII) Business Plan Competition, a stepping-stone that acted as official introduction to the local market. Since then, we’ve greatly expanded our market reach, product range and partner network, and we’re still growing.

Watch this space for future projects

"Not only is the idea original and affordable. It also offers all Namibians the opportunity of solar powered, efficient and sustainable transport. This solar powered electric bicycle can be built, maintained and operated by Namibians themselves and might solve the transport crises of numerous fellow Namibians. The company also offers more than just the purchasing or renting of SunCycles. Their dream is to offer a more sustainable, affordable, and environmentally friendly form of energy and mobility; make solar-powered electric mobility accessible to Namibians; transfer knowledge, skills and know-how regarding electric mobility and create employment and equal opportunities. We encourage Namibians to make use of this opportunity to become mobile while at the same time conserving our green planet. — Martin Roos, Head of FNB SME Division

Other awards & achievements: